A relationship of our own understanding

Exploring our relationships with our higher power

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This is an open community for people who want to explore their relationship with a higher power of their own understanding, no matter what they feel that is for them. We share our visions of our higher power, our experiences exploring what that is for us, the ways that we ask for guidance, and the results that we get.

We also respect each other's beliefs and experiences. Anyone may post anything about their own beliefs and practices here, without it being taken to mean that they think anyone else should share those practices and beliefs. Neither may anyone say that they think anyone should do or think what they do or think. We share from our own experiences only and use "I statements." If someone asks for advice, we may share what has worked for us or ask them if they have tried a specific thing, but we do not try to tell them what to do. If someone does mistakenly violate these guidelines, we don't flame them, but we can calmly point out that what they have said violates the community's guidelines.

Anyone flaming anyone else will be removed from the community. Anyone may join this community, so long as they follow the above guidelines.